I am working from home today since Omaha is under a pretty heavy ice cover this morning. And, while I personally might be interested in writing about how the weather affects home buying and selling, I thought a topic that might interest you, is how weather affects our homes.

As I have mentioned before, I live in a old barn in Dundee so some of the things I notice changing in my home may not hold true for newer homes. One of the things I notice is that as the weather turns colder, my doors no longer stick like they do in our humid summers here in Omaha. However, sometimes when I shut them, they don't stay shut! It can create a pretty chilly environment when no one notices for some time that the wind has blown the front door open. So, I started looking into why that seems to only happen in the winter. Apparently, just as the wood swells in the summer, it shrinks in the winter and this can cause the knobs and hinges to become misaligned. I got out a screwdriver and made a few adjustments to the striker plate and now my front door shuts tightly and stays shut.

I have noticed that it's not just the doors that seem to behave differently but also my other woodwork and windows. Just like the wood in the door frame shrinks, so do my window frames. I have heard that a simple way to check for air leaks in your home is to light a candle and walk in front of each opening. Well, my old barn is drafty enough on a windy day to blow out that candle! But, once I noticed that my old caulking on many of my windows had shrunk, I replaced it with newer, more pliable caulk, and things got much cozier.

Finally, if you are going to venture outside on this very icy morning, you will probably need to put down some salt or ice melt of some kind. A word of caution: if you're like me, you think that if a little works well, a lot will work better. Don't be like me. It can cause pitting in your walk ways and driveway and will eventually weaken or destroy your concrete. Use the salt, but use it sparingly. Better yet, stay safe, stay inside, grab a cup of coffee and look for your new home on my web site. Or, if you need to know how much your current Omaha home is worth, I can run the numbers on my laptop for you today! Just give me a call.