After our homes have been shut up all winter, they can sometimes start to smell like a dirty pair of old socks. Of all of the senses buyers use when looking at homes, their sense of smell can have the biggest impact on their decision to purchase. Smells can remind us of pleasant memories or some not so pleasant. As a result, the smell of your house can trigger positive or negative emotional responses in buyers. Of course, if the weather in Omaha ever stays nice, the best remedy is to open up the windows and air the house out because the best scent is actually no scent at all. 

Since the weather outside is still blustery, (it's snowing heavily outside as I type this) you may be tempted to plug in some air fresheners, heat up the potpourri and spray aerosol fresheners around the rooms before a showing. These smells can be overpowering and can actually overwhelm the Buyer. It is best to steer clear of any artificial smells and stick to more subtle and common aromas. Instead, if you are trying to sell your property, there are some smells that can help you in the process.

A clean smell is the best smell. The simple act of keeping your house clean and tidy will improve the smell. Put baking soda boxes or other products that help to neutralize odors in the coat closet, shoe basket or anywhere smells may tend to build up or linger. While all of us enjoy the fresh scent of pine, artificial pine cleaners are just too heavy. Use natural "green" products or dilute products with strong scents to avoid heavy smells.

Citrus smells are agreeable to most noses. An easy way to achieve a clean, fresh smell without the use of air fresheners is to put the rind of a lemon down your garbage disposal just before a showing. This will freshen up the kitchen and get rid of the lingering smell of the broccoli you cooked before you knew the home was going to be shown.

Even better, bake something when you know your home is going to be shown. Now, I know you may not have time to whip up a batch of oatmeal cookies but there are simpler ways to achieve that fresh-baked goods smell. Just keep some frozen bread dough on hand and put a loaf in the oven on low just before you leave the home. It will fill the home with a pleasant aroma and be great food for the birds when you return. 

While women tend to look past the smell of a home and look more at the functionality, they will be more likely to convince their husband that the price you are asking is worth it if the husband's sense of smell tells them that delicious meals will be had in the home. :) It's just one more thing to consider as you prepare your home for the Omaha home market.  If you'd like more great ideas, just contact my team. We are happy to share our insights with you!

Best Always,


Dick Gibb
Maximum Exposure Team