The target is your money. The tactic; playing on your vulnerability. Whether you are an older home owner living alone, a victim of storm related damage or simply aren't in touch with the cost of repairs today, they will look for that weakness and strike. The best way to avoid a scam is to know what to look out for. Home improvement scammers have a few common characteristics and if you watch for them, you just might avoid overpaying for services.

  • A few of the signs to watch for are:
  • Knock on your door unsolicited.
  • Talks fast to try to confuse you.
  • Asks to come into your home.
  • Offers you a better deal because of leftover materials from another job.
  • Says you must do immediate repairs to your home because your safety is at risk OR
  • Pressures you to act immediately to get their special offer or discount.
  • Doesn't have a physical address for their company.
  • Tries to get you to sign a contract or paperwork without time to read it first.
  • Asks you to pay for an entire job upfront or in cash.

Listening to your gut and being aware of these scam techniques will help you keep more of your hard earned money in your pockets. If in doubt, call the State Attorney General's Office at 402-471-2682 or visit their website at   The Better Business Bureau Remodeling site is also a good resource to see is a contractor or business is on the up and up. Feel free to call our office at 402-884-1000 to get a list of contractors we have used with good results. We are always here to help!