It's hard to believe that winter is here, especially with the mild days we have been having but as the colder days approach, it is important to make sure your heating and ventilation systems are in property working order. Schedule a furnace inspection and tune-up with a qualified heating and cooling contractor to maintain a safe and efficient system. 

Meanwhile, be sure to replace your furnace filter monthly for best performance. If the pilot light or burner flame goes out, be sure to allow enough time for any gas accumulation to escape before attempting to relight it. Keep your ducts and vents clear of any debris. 

My first apartment was in the basement of an elderly man's home and he left for Florida each winter so he lowered the thermostat accordingly. I used my gas oven to heat up my one-room apartment but that was not a smart thing to do. Gas appliances should only be used for their intended purpose. As I mentioned in my earlier article, carbon monoxide detectors can add protection but are not substitutes for using appliances properly. And, they need to be inspected and maintained to make sure they are functioning properly.

If you and your family begin to experience flu-like symptoms that go away when you leave the home, you may be experiencing carbon monoxide poisoning. Leave the home and stay out of the home until your furnace and other gas appliances have all been cleared as being in good working order.

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