With all of the technology being introduced on a daily basis, are we really surprised that our homes have become smarter? And, as they become smarter, buyers are going to want the convenience and safety that smart homes have to offer. If you have a smart phone, and most folks do these days, here are some devices that you might want to consider installing in your home before putting it on the market.

1. A smart lock. If you just can't remember if you locked the front door or not as you pushed the kids out the door on the way to school and work, this device will enable you to lock your home from anywhere in Omaha, or the world for that matter! Here is a link to some of the best smart locks on the market for 2017.

2. A smart garage opener. Same thing here. Be sure your garage door is closed even if you are at work. The higher end models even have security cameras so that you can see what's happening if the door opens while your away.

3. Smart lighting. Don't be afraid of the dark anymore. Now you can turn your lights on as you come up your street. It works to turn off any light you may have left on with just a swipe of your phone.

4. A smart thermostat. Come in from our cold Nebraska winters into a toasty warm home with a smart thermostat. Or, when you've been working in the heat all summer here in Omaha, step into a cool home, even if you've had the air conditioning off most of the day.

5. Mobile Security Systems. When you can't be at home all day with your pets or kids, you can make sure they are safe and sound right from your smart phone. 

None of these devices break the bank and most are very simple to use. All of them definitely simplify your life. And, the are the wave of the future for homeowners. Maybe 2017 is the year you upgrade your home and make life a little easier on yourself.