Over 10,000 persons are poisoned by carbon monoxide with over 500 of those resulting in death in the US every year. As with all things, if we can't seem to take care of ourselves, Big Brother steps in and makes a law to protect us. As of January first of this year, new laws mandating the use of carbon monoxide detectors in homes have been enacted in 32 states with 11 more states pending. Nebraska has adopted the International Residential Code which requires carbon monoxide detectors in private dwellings. 

Here is how the law reads:

Neb. Code 76-2, 120: Carong Monoxide Safety Act. Requires any dwelling with t fuel-fired heater, fireplace or attached garage have a carbon monoxide alarm installed on each floor or in a location required by the building code. Local governments may adopt more stringent provisions for the installation and maintenance of carbon monoxide alarms. 

Any time a home changes ownership. the Seller will be required to comply with the law and carbon monoxide detectors must be in place and be in good working order for the property to be able to be sold. A good reference on carbon monoxide can be found on the Housing and Urban Development website.

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